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Intel vs AMD

(09-04-2017, 07:58 PM)shubhangtiwari Wrote: Anytime i would prefer AMD over Intel.

Why do you prefer AMD over Intel?

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Intel because its very reliable, but amd have one good advantage - price, amd more cheaper than intel, so its for you to deciede - price or reliability
Well, I prefer using AMD as I am using it since 3 years and it's way better than Intel processors compared to the price. Also as far as I know it has the most highest clockspeed in Guinness world record.
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I have used a computer with an Intel processor and I've never experienced a disturbance :)
just shifted from red to blue team.....fx8350 to i7-8700k.....then, i think i will stay with blue team..hahaha, this because compatibility of application such as android studio stock virtualization (got third party but prefer stock emulator), performance of technical analysis, and the i7 cpu is non-pin form amd fx8350 form factor using pins connection to m/b socket, always need to be super careful when dealing with it. maybe for graphic card, i will choose red team...due to price/performance factor. never dealing with ryzen...maybe in future.
I've got all Intel CPUs at the moment, but if I buy any more at the current moment I would probably go for a Ryzen based pc, I could fill up all 16 threads pretty easily haha
I have used AMD for over a decade. The primary reason is its value for money, especially in the mid range product line. Recently I am considering to replace the computer. When comparing cpu from AMD and Intel with closed performance, I found the price difference is no longer that big. I doubt AMD lost its price performance edge already.
in CPU , ofcource intel is better than AMD cause of the power of lifetime and uptime but AMD cpus is just for gaming and doesn't have any point in uptime for several days processing.
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