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SEO is not dead

For the nay-sayers proclaiming that seo is dead.

Is is? I don't think so..

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Define not dead? To me, that is flat lined and dead. But the thing is, is this SEO that all run out and follow guidelines on and submit to search egnines?

I think what is happening today, People have started to use Adsense and other such gimichs to lure people to their sites. Most don't care if the clients are there once and thats it. They only care about the revenue that they get from someone loading a page on their site.

If you are truly doing SEO, then you have to do it the old school ways without ads and other so called gimichs to bring clients to thier site. Use of good meta-tags and good content will help a site survive .

None of my sites have ever used any SEO tools and I still get over 100 users a month looking at my site. Now, I am sure if I was to clean up the code, ad some good content and meta tags, I can grow those numbers. Now if I was to ad some Ads to it, it would increase the traffic and bring in an income that would pay for a decent hosting package.

So it all depends on how you want to look at it. What you want and how much time you want to invest in your site. I just use my sites for testing code when I have the time.
Think about the valuation of companies such as I'm pretty sure that not only small websites but also large companies try to improve thir position. And think about the fact that inbound marketing means eyeballs, and eyeballs = money. When you can have clicks and links for free, then is a big business.
I don't think SEO, as in something you do to increase the number or quality of visitors from search engines, is dead. Many old techniques might not be effective anymore but there are plenty of small things you can do.

Or do you mean SEO, as a business, is not dead?
Well, I feel sorry for those who pay for anything SEO related. You don't need to use any SEO tools at all. Heres proof. These are from my raw logs. I have never submitted it to any SEO tool yet.

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It depends Stroke. If you deal with a genius SEO specialist like the owner of Gigarank, SEO makes a HUGE difference. Have you checked lately where Gigarank is in the Google search engine ranking?

In general I agree - like all of it is dependent on specialist knowledge, and not only of one kind - like all of the various tools combined. It asks for a specialist who has a great understanding for SIMPLE and ADVANCED SEO tools. And how to use them to the greatest benefit for that particular Website. Asking SEO questions EVERY DAY! Answering them and perfecting the SEO every day. Like today's tool may not work tomorrow, and the other way round.

So what I'm trying to say is that if you find a Yoast by SEO on WordPress and install the plugin that is meaningless if it is not part of a total approach by an SEO specialist who knows what he/she is doing. Skin deep SEO doesn't work. Some of it may work a little bit, it's the overall strategy that will make the difference.
There is no different. Going and using or paying for SEO is useless. Using plugins that are geared for SEO is again useless. They put any spin they want on it. It doesn't work any better. The purpose of the so called SEO is to have your site picked up by a search engine. 1, you do not need to submit it. Your site will automatically be picked up by all bots. I just posted the facts to back that up. I never submitted as its just uploaded to test code. I have not altered any code or added anything special too it.

That is it. The ranking and what not can not be controlled, increased etc by SEO. That comes with popularity of the site, how often its searched. In turn, now that is where your keywords come in play. All I have to do for example is add Porn to the site. It can be on the index page. Now any time someone inputs Porn into a search engine, my site will come up in the search. Now people will click it to look for porn. That in turn increases your ranking and popularity of the site. Now if you want to increase more rankings and traffic flow, this is where your content comes in. I can put a simple video on the site, label it porn. Make people register to the site to watch it, and bam, site is popular, gets a good ranking and has traffic. What did I do, nothing besided a few tricks.

This is the way it started and still works today without any effort at all. If you want, you can even submit your site to a link exchange site. Having people come to your site from another site even increases the rankings and shows you have traffice. Add a few meta tags for mobile, it again increase your mobile rankings. It doesn't even have to work on a mobile device. You can see right from the logs I posted that Google is checking my site with a mobile device.

To further prove this work for keywords. Look at the bottom of the last post. It says enter keyworks next to search thread. That is part of the sites search function which is how google and other search engines work. Keywords. Then the sites are listed according to rankings and exact word phrases and exact site names using the keywords.

I know that some don't see how this works or think it doesn't work that way, but it does. I just posted the logs to prove it.
Sure, I don't know what the ranking is of my site, but does it matter the ranking of your site? The only time any of that matters is when you want to sell your domain. Either the name of the whole site.

I still haven't touched the part about using that to generate income from the traffic yet. Or using ads to generate traffic.

Yes, I may be more advanced in coding then the average person. I just did a few searches and read some things over the years to figure out how it all works. Joined a few forums here and there.

Back on topic, is SEO dead. No not at all. It will never die as evey site will be picked up. Some will follow guides and list to SEO experts. Will they be any better then a site that didn't use a SEO expert? That I can not say as there is no true way to actually say for sure. If you aren't capable of doing it yourself, then sure use a SEO expert.
I'm not an expert on SEO but for me the best SEO is the passion and energy that one puts in one's Website. Google always picks up on Websites that are updated with fresh material regularly. There are also tips and tricks and we're lucky as the owner of Gigarank, DJB has a whole bag of SEO tools that he is using. That makes the SEO on the advanced side to Gigarank's benefit.
(08-24-2016, 03:28 PM)DJB Wrote: For the nay-sayers proclaiming that seo is dead.

Is is? I don't think so..

The SEO should be combined with other methods for
the promotion, then it will complement them correctly.

Like the food, the living organism needs proteins,
carbohydrates, fats, minerals, vitamins, and so on.

Otherwise, each separate method will
be more expensive, and less effective.
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Seo of course is not dead. How can it be dead it has some usage which depends on the time of deployment and your strategy.

For example some SEO techniques may work now but will not in the future.
This is a regular case and what makes SEO so depressing.

But yes some forms of SEO still are good thing, but these are basics. I dont think that there is any arcane knowledge of SEO available.
Search engine optimization will live as long as Google search stay alive. I mean if there is no Google then why would anyone want to optimize their websites for search engines.

But i wonder if Googles day's are numbered. This new generation use smart phones and social media for everything. Sooner or later site like Facebook will start having more advance search functions. Also there is human factor. Today you can goto a FB group about spesific thing and ask your questions and get better answers than Google search would give you. Not for everything but for most things.

Today Google is not the only thing out there to get quality traffic. Also more and more advertisers trying Facebook ads these days so Google loosing it's advertiser base it used to have. Partly it's Googles own fault since they have so many crazy restrictions of thier Adword program. Anyway they don't have monopoly of traffic or advertising anymore. Also other social media sites like Twitter, Pinterest trying to launch thier own ad platforms.

So yeah SEO is alive for the moment and will be alive tomorrow too. But the future is not so bright like it used to be for both SEO and Google.
Software and cathedrals are much the same – first we build them, then we pray
this article is very used
SEO: Preparing for Google's Mobile-First Index
(12-20-2017, 02:46 PM)gratislive Wrote: this article is very used
SEO: Preparing for Google's Mobile-First Index
For a quality post please discuss why you think this article is used for SEO. Please note that one-liner posts aren't considered quality posts.

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