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8GB RAM not enough anymore?

I'm still using Windows 7. I'm not the type rush at new technology. I only moved to Windows 7 when they stopped support for Windows XP. I used Windows XP for more than 12 years. So I really don't want to jump to Windows 10 yet. So I think I will go for another 8GB RAM. Here even a used DDR3 8GB RAM cost about 50 usd. I have to check if I can get 2, 4GB RAMs for cheaper. Machine has 4 RAM slots. I'm about 5 generations behind when it comes to latest Computer technology. The processor is an i5 4th Gen one.

Now what I do need is go for SSD drive for OS. I hope this might speed up things a bit.
Software and cathedrals are much the same – first we build them, then we pray
Depends on what you are doing.

If you are using Linux. You might not need a ton of ram.

If you are using a specialist distro like PuppyLinux, you wouldn’t need much ram at all.

If you are making movies and intense 3D art, you may need more ram.
In my opinion 8GB is enough rn. Often the bottleneck is the disk, if you are not using a SSD. If we wait 1,2 years more RAM is getting much cheaper and the applications may use less.
It depends what kind of work you are doing... for gaming 8gb its OK.
What programs are you using that you need 8gb of ram?
When using 8GB RAM without swap file on disk, some particular tabs in the latest versions of Firefox (with nearly 100 tabs open) crash with with message 'Sorry your tab is down. Reload?'
So switched to 16GB and feel good :)
The needs of ram, it depends on your usages, lemme explain more if you would like to lunch gta 5 on you computre you need a high ram if you want to run GTA sa you can run it with 1g ram like i said it depends, so what i can suggest you, if you are not going to lunch programs that use a lot of ram don't waste your money.

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