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Google Mobile and Desktop Indices Update

Hey guys, not sure if you are aware! There is a major algorithm update from Google coming soon. The next few weeks possibly if industry reports are correct.

Google are going to release an update to create two organic search indexes. The first index being a mobile index, designed for mobile friendly websites and the second aimed at non mobile friendly websites.

The reasoning behind this, searches on mobile devices have overtaken traditional desktop and laptop searches. No surprise really; Smartphones are very powerful, portable and fast.

So, if you value Google Organic Search to drive traffic to your websites. I would recommend you start making plans to make sure your websites are mobile friendly. Online searches predominantly come from mobile devices.

Won’t be long before Google switch back to one index, Mobile first. non-responsive legacy websites will be confined to the vaults of way back machine.
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Hey can you please tell me where you know this news. I also read some blog or check some youtube videos but they don't tell about this bro. You give 3 links those are about google algorithm update news bro.

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