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Forum Rules

General Forum Rules
  1. No bashing, attacking or swearing at other members of the board. If you are found to be participating in an exchange like this you will receive an official warning via PM or will be banned depending on severity.

  2. We take the "Be Polite" rule very seriously at GigaRank! We do not tolerate any rudeness. Any member who is intentionally and consistently unpleasant or disruptive will be banned without warning.

  3. Excessive "spammish" posts including just posting a smile, one word, a large image that distorts/slows the boards, distorted TeXt, kool t@lk, and random offtopic responses will result in a warning via PM or a ban from the forum depending on severity.

  4. Use descriptive thread titles when starting a new thread. Titles such as "Look here!" "Help!" or others that are just a short title with no description about the thread will result in a warning and/or title change.

  5. Anything posted that is not your own original writing must be contained within quote bbcode. All code posted to the forum must be contained in code bbcode. If more than 3 posts within 48 hours violates this rule you will be banned without warning.

    Note: Incorrectly used bbcode or posts with bbcode turned off are not excuses and will be considered violations of the rule above. You are required to ensure your posts comply with all rules at all times.
    • Our forum has a PG-13 content limit. Any subject matter posted that exceeds this will result in an official warning via PM.

    • All posts must be in easily understandable English. Members that do not make a good effort at posting in correct English will receive an official warning via PM. Posts and members that are reported or that are found are handled on a case by case basis.

    • Use of "r" instead of are, "u" instead of you, "thx" instead of thanks and other examples of internet shorthand are to be kept to a minimum on this forum. Any very excessive use of this will be a breach of the above rule and will result in an official warning via PM.

    • Do not double post. If you need to add something, edit your previous post. Double posts will be deleted without notice and poster will receive a warning. Duplicate topics will also be merged and/or deleted

    • Do not use 1 word posts. This will result in an offical warning.

    • Do not post referral links or ask our members to join a website, game, service, forum, or other program. This is considered spam and will result in an official warning via PM.

    • Do not evade URL or word censors for any reason at any time. Evading a word censor will cause you to be banned without warning.

    • If a thread is in the wrong forum, a moderator will move it to the appropriate forum without notice. Please check around the boards for your post before posting in the help forum or PMing a mod to ask where it is.

    • Any discussion threads on the topic of illegal downloads/pornography/warez and so on will be deleted promptly and the thread starter will receive an official warning via PM or will be banned.

    • You may advertise your site through your signature and signature only.
      There will be no new topics started to advertise your site as they will be closed immediately. You may not send PMs of any kind advertising anything.
      This will be considered spam and you will be removed from the forum.

    • Be original and start a lively conversation. You will find it much more enjoyable if you do. ;)

    • Read all stickies and announcements before starting a new thread. There may be valuable information that is in the stickie or announcement.

    • Back Seat Moderating is prohibited. Meaning that if you see something wrong you should report it to a moderator or admin not
      post in the topic saying it is wrong. Doing so may result in a warning or banning.

    • Advertising other Free Web Hosting Sites is not acceptable in the forum or in your website hosted for free by GigaRank, You will get a warning by one of the staff members once , next time will result in forum ban and account termination .

    • Registration of multiple accounts is prohibited.

    • Please read all forum stickies and rules. Other forums have rules posted in them as well that only pertain to that forum so please be safe and read ALL rules 

Signature Rules
  1. Your entire signature, including images and text, must not be any larger
    4 lines of normal text at 1024x768 resolution. Calculated into pixels the maximum will be 500px wide and 100px tall.

  2. Only one animated banner (must be no bigger than 100KB) and 5 animated similes allowed per signature.

  3. Do not place referral links, links to websites that would exceed the
    PG-13 content limit of the GigaRank forums.

  4. Do not post images or links to MP3 download sites in your signature.

  5. Do not place any sounds in your signature that play on mouse over or upon page load. You may place a play button that the user can activate.

  6. Do not make your signature too processor intensive.

  7. Setup your signature in your profile. Writing it in every post is not allowed. The exception to this is adding your name at the end of every post.
    Something like "- Trel" or "Thank you." will not be considered against the rules. Keep your name or nickname under 6 characters.

Avatar Rules
  1. Avatars may contain no profane, suggestive, offensive, copyrighted, illegal, or otherwise undesirable material of any kind.

  2. Avatars may not exceed 120px in height and 120px in width.

Punishment Notes

We at GigaRank want to foster a fun and happy environment for our members to enjoy. As we move forward we are bound to see a few come in to disrupt our community.

If you receive 3 or more PM warnings within 90 days you will be banned from the forum for a cooling off period of at least 30 days.

Other terms of punishment may be given to members who we see fit. We have right to not follow the above and go straight to a banning or some other type of punishment.

Our Staff will Abide to these rules
  1. To not be afraid to kick out losers, spammers and general idiots who are hellbent on wrecking things for everyone else.

  2. To be friendly and welcoming to new members - fresh blood is what will keep us alive, after all.

  3. To keep a sense of humour running (as long as no-one is getting hurt by it) - life is already too serious.

  4. To moderate only when necessary - let the group set its own protocols wherever possible.

  5. To be truly global; not because it is politically correct to be multi-cultural but because, in doing so, it introduces more viewpoints and more experience than an attempt to restrict membership to a continent or even country.

These rules may be amended at any time for any reason. Check this post often for the latest updates.

These rules are copyrighted to GigaRank and may not be used by anyone else without due permission of DJB or another administrator.

Please do not email or PM me with private support requests - Use Support Section.
Don't forget to read TOS.
Never argue with idiots.
First, they'll bring you down to their level and then beat you with their experience!
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