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How did you Learn to Program and Code?

I am starting off using W3Schools and im not a expert but i am just wondering how did you learn to be as great as you are today?

Like making Programs, Themes, Webpages, etc.

I just need help as i can get and just want to know how you started off... also How long it took if you don't mind to do basic work.
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The biggest thing I can tell you is to take open source software and look at the source code. This is the best way to learn! To see what other people are doing.

The other thing that really helped me was, instead of always installing WordPress or other software, try to make your own. Blogs are not very difficult to program, once you understand how SQL queries work the rest pretty much falls into place. Plus, once you get creative ideas for websites you realize it is often more work to adapt something like WordPress or similar to a very unique idea- often it is easier just to write from scratch/libraries if you can.

Be sure to read up on input validation, and even more importantly input SANITATION! And security! Security is most important above all. If you do not write a secure script, and put it live on the internet, you could lose all your hard work (if you do not make backups). Or you can use a framework like codeigniter, laravel, cakephp to help you deal with these things.
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My father is a programmer and learned me to program. Then I took some courses and now I am also a programmer!
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I started programming at the age of 13. My friend and I wanted to programm our own GTA SA multiplayer server. Therfore we started learning C# (A GTA SA Multiplayer server is programmed in Pawno it's a language like a mix of C# and C++).

Learning C# was not a big deal and it was great to see the result instantly inside of a real product (to programm a samp server you only have to programm the "story" and what the users can do. Everything els like maps, vehicles, player caracters physics engine etc. are used from the game itself)
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First you must determine your destination. After web, desktop, mobile, game development, the front side or the back side should decide this. Determine your target by adding the amount you want to earn. At the end of the day you will be a Frontend developer & Backend developer. You need to know for yourself which part is more likely.
First time i learn by myself at with The Best friend... google...
then i learn at school and after that in courses
Hello there, i learned programing first at age 8, and then i study math at university, first learned to program c
I started learning programming as part of my school education. As usual, it's started with "Hello World" program in C.Thanks to Dennis Ritchie for that wonderful programming language.  [Image: yahoo.gif]
i learn programing when i was junior high school, i write some visual basic virus, and make antivirus for it, Biggrin it was success infected whole computer in one cafe through LAN connection. i learn programing from any website and look another open source code, and make it my own. Biggrin
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Depends from the programming language that you would to learn there's a lot of resources online. The best way to start is to watch videos on youtube and then searching for others resources free .
i started to learn from school then i started to teach myself code and i also go-to youtube for some hints and tips
I learned BASIC 40 years ago. I worked in many languages from that.
It is important that you want to know the result immediately.
  - Language that can be checked on the homepage. For example, the programming language go.
  - Interpreted languages are better than compiled languages. Python
  - You should read many open source programs.
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I learned HTML and CSS to just go editing templates and ask feedback. 
Im now good at it and make some websites from scratch.
(I use w3schools)
Well, I'm coursing my last year of technical grade in informatics, but, in first year I learned how to think with logic(in most of times hahahaha), after that started learning a bit of Java and I finally found my favorite language, GOlang, so now I code only in go and C#(I realized that I prefer than Java)
I just made a lot of exercises that are on my GitHub

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i first learned to program by teaching myself on an old HP-48G calculator. Cool

then i moved onto java and used my dads java textbook from college to teach myself that Smile

now i have learned lua and python and am working on some mods for minetest
i havea thread here deicated to minetest btw. Wink
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Beside all the posts, I will advise you to also search for meetups about programming and programming challenges. they are good ways to meet people and learn from them.
I am not worth to be called programmer, but I know a litlle about the basic of PHP languages, HTML, Javascript, once I made Android Application using Android Studio. Right now I am developing my own site using Laravel. I made an Instagram imageless feeds here using third party API. Everything I build I am using Google to search php code for the function I want to run.
You should try codecademy at as it's easy step by step instructions with exercises to see if you understand.It's free but you can also pay for a few more things that I don't find necesary.With it I learned html,css,javascript,php,sql,java.
I'm studiying an engineering... Hahahaha.

With basic you can explore by yourself and using sites like stackoverflow or similar you can make whatever you want
I started with "Pawno" for GTA San Andreas. Then I bought a books of C++ programming and I learnt it.
I started one days learn to c++. When i learned a wrote a forum and look to Yotube and i prove do somethings i understand.
the tip of learning is by Copying and Editing THEN Creating

thats how i made it :)
One day I wanted to make a program and I did. It sticks with me for some time until I decided that I need to take it more seriously and I went to vocational school. I don't really have any other choice after graduating so I am currently studying Computer Science on uni.
(03-12-2017, 08:29 PM)brocartel Wrote: I am starting off using W3Schools and im not a expert but i am just wondering how did you learn to be as great as you are today?

Like making Programs, Themes, Webpages, etc.

I just need help as i can get and just want to know how you started off... also How long it took if you don't mind to do basic work.

I use W3Schools but if you want a better experience with learning how to code use This is what I used to learn HTML, CSS and Java. It is much better than W3 in my opinion. Anyway, it took me a couple of weeks to learn all of this. HTML is quite simple and same with CSS, but Java and JS can be a bit tricky. Let me know how Codecademy is if you choose to use it.
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I starting with a book, with visual basic, There was a book in my college about programation, and i get it. And i think the best way to learn is with a book. If you see videos on youtube, the time extend becouse the youtuber win money with many videos that your clients see. And they extend te time, for each concepts.
My dad was a programmer and he taught me how to code years ago using Logo (the turtle drawing program). Then I moved from Scratch (MIT's block programming language) to Python to C++ (Arduino boards). I haven't coded anything for some time, but I think I will go back to programming my future humanoid companion friend.
I just learn programming from books and youtube tutorials XD
In H.S. back in the 70s.  Occasionally skipped class to sit in a COBOL class.  Next year took a FORTRAN class.  Been learning new programming languages since - now teaching myself D and Lazarus.

In college really learned programming in a RPG III class of all things.
1. the key in every filed is HARD WORKING!
2. after that, you have to use good resources like w3schools.
3. you need learn common knowledge programming first.
4. after you can go to next step and learn every language you should specify your interested filed such as client side, server side and etc.
5. I suggest learn server side languages like as php, node.js and java. they are very usefull!
best regards...
I used sololearn and recommend it due to its simplicity. It also has many languages including C++,Python and Java. Its also available in the android playstore, windows phone store and apple app store. Go to: Sololearn

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