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Moving Websites

This will be the first time I've considered changing hosting, since I've had a well developed website.

So far I have saved all of my files to my computer (including my sql files) - well it's in the process now, as my back up is a few days old. I have gone to my name server and changed the nameserver DNS and am waiting for that to kick in so I can access the cPanel.

The plan is to upload the sql files first and then the main files and then keep my fingers crossed that it doesn't all get broken. I am thinking that I should have applied for a subdomain and then parked my name on it, but I've done it now, so it's on the go!

Does anyone who knows more than me have any advice they can give me to keep an eye out for?
If you have cPanel with the other (old) host as well, you can ask the staff of Gigalicous to move it for you.
Its an automated proces and there is a smaller change that you loose any files.
The only things that the staff here need are your cPanel login details of your old host.
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If you stuck with the transfer process, put in a support request, we`ll gladly help you resolve any issues what may have arisen during the transfer process.
Please do NOT contact me via PM for support request`s, use the support forum instead, you will get a faster response.
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Well, I missed the replies, but it all went well anyway. I'm loving the hosting here! Thank you :)
Awesome to receive the feedback thanks Caroline. Cool

(11-30-2013, 06:19 AM)Caroline Centa Wrote: I'm loving the hosting here! Thank you :)

Everyone does, as far as testimonials don't lie :)
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is there an official testimonial page that I can contribute to?

ETA - Never mind... I really should look before I ask... it's like right there in front of my face on the navigation bar... :/
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I am expert in moving website to different host.
Mostly is the wordpress. but i can move all kind of CMS easily.
If any one want my services then he can contact me. I am ready to serve it best with small price.
I have spend 5 year in testing moving different CMS OS etc
Before the DNS changes (or at least you see it) find the IP and full path directory of your former host. In this way you will be able to fetch and download any content that you have not put or copy in its new place. If the DNS is prior to change you may do the same thing with the new host: IP and full dir path to upload content from former host.

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