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What are the best ways to promote products (for free)?

What are the best ways to promote content..
Like I know social sites are a good way of promotion but are there other good but free ways of advertising content?
Affiliates? Idk honestly, the most efficient is SEO and social media, where you can reach large audience on social media through groups and promotion.
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(04-20-2017, 12:33 PM)GigaGreg Wrote: Affiliates? Idk honestly, the most efficient is SEO and social media, where you can reach large audience on social media through groups and promotion.

That's what i'm doing (on facebook)
but the people i'm reaching are my relatives and friends
are there any other, like massive ones?
The other way, which is less reliable, but will allow you to gain new audience in some way is to advertise your website on a discussion/community forum, where you can make a thread and advertise your site, but you must remember that you should do that in forums with the similar topic to yours website.
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I think when you have private free website like me :) , You can take on this website information for you promotion :)
Create a facebook page, you need to promote this page. Slowly this page will get more and more famous and this get you revenue slowly.
(04-24-2017, 09:58 AM)binil Wrote: Create a facebook page, you need to promote this page. Slowly this page will get more and more famous and this get you revenue slowly.

Done that
Twitter is better at this. Just use good tags and you will get a lot of visitors.
There are a lot of free Google analytics tools, make sure you can track your efforts. Use Google+, Twitter, use the facebook tools, make videos and get a YouTube channel going, Instagram... All these place have potential to see your message.  Search Engines dont stop at Google, Bing and Yahoo, there are thousands, get the pages ranking. Run your site through tools at w3s, make sure your code meets standards, make sure content is good, relevant. Make sure images have alt tags filled descriptively. All these things help, ultimately its worth advertising in the right place and spending a bit, but be frugle, do the free thing first.... ultimately time and hard work plugging your site. Good Luck...
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Affiliate marketing is ok if you have lots of money. But if you want to promote for free, you need to look into SEO and social media. There are some magic bullets for SEO but social media is very tricky indeed. I think it takes a lot of persistence and a certain understanding of what people find to be "annoying" in terms of viral marketing. 

Hubspot has an inbound marketing course you can take which I have heard is quite good.

Beyond that, persist! It will be tough work but it is possible to build something with nothing ;)
When you create a facebook page you need to promote it in 2 ways: by free spamming (but it's dangerous because fb close the account) and paying. When you reach 1000 people on facebook you must consider that only 2% is real, the rest is fake.
I prefer to use Twitter to promote my products.
You could also, once you have enough money generated from your business, have ads displayed on popular search engines such as Google and Bing to promote even more growth of your business.
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Use: Pininterest, Twitter, Then Facebook these social networks will gain you traffic especially twitter!
If you have a website to promote you need to: 
  1. write contents seo friendly (use yoast for wordpress)
  2. open accounts in some socials like twitter, facebook, instagram, google+, pinterest, etc...
  3. Use social platforms like to help you to post in different social network easy
There are many free advertising techniques.

The easiest one is posting your website links in forum signatures which produces free backlinks to your blog.

Then you can sometimes post your links to social media with brief description, but not always posting because it will become spamming.

You May hand in your site link to some blog directories for free, so that your links will be appeared in their site directories.
I'd recommend jackchun24239 strategy , this way is easy and free, the idea is to search for big forums with a lot of people talking about the products you are offering in your website, register as a normal member and start posting replies and make friends
long explained forum posts using available writing tools (Titles, Bold, Italic, Colors, Font sizes, Pictures, Useful/New informations ....) , soon you will be valuable member in these communities .. of course your signature should be catchy like using your website logo or a  good line with a link .. then start link some posts to a page in your website, be smart ...
i.e. Reply to a post with something like "I agree with you, I had an article about this subject explaining my point of view" 
also start threads talking about something related to whatever your website offers, and when you are valuable enough to ask for favors admins may allow you to advertise your website for some time free
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For free advertising, social media promotion is the top list. I think Instagram is a better place to promote your product rather than facebook. First you can start piking up followers that suit your target market by posting something related to your product, don't go uploading your product right away, first you need to gain followers.
Social Media by setting up useful groups related you your niche - Now, firstly, I know you're looking for free, however, setting up a page and inviting friends and family is a start, but you have to be proactive. Say your product is for example - bird houses - well then, it makes sense to join some various bird fancier groups with as many followers and as possible and all kinds of other related bird groups. Like bird watchers or specific bird groups like parrots (chances are their users will like birds in general) - Some groups will let you post without moderation others will require the admin to allow the post - I've found it good form to ask the admin if you can post to his/her group. Maybe you could offer the group a special discount - admins of large groups are more likely to say yes if they're able to pass something on to their members and will probably endorse your post - others may ask a fee - 

My second point is this - Instagram campaigns start from £1 GBP

Facebook from £4

Basically it's bird feed :)

Remember £4 for "targeted" advertising - I started an Instagram account two or three weeks ago and have almost 300 followers just for posting occasional pictures I find on Facebook groups for my niche. I have 50 Facebook page like/follows doing the same within the week and now I'm getting people liking daily who are just finding my page however people find pages (however, the more followers you get the more you'll get through those followers)

Add Hash Tags to Posts. On all the Social Networks, tags help people find content. Add them you tour main site.

Follow 4 Follow pages are another, I as an experiment I set up google + and got 45 follows in an hour, then I set up a google group doing my own f4f community and invited all the people who had followed me. Then I made a couple of quick images in Gimp (Open Source Imaging Software Similar to Photoshop) advertising my community and started asking people to invite their friends, posted my images in other f4f groups - now I got a community that has 40 followers for 10 minutes effort  Yahoo

Good luck - Sorry for the Typo's, I've corrected a few!  Sorry
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If you're not a Facebook enthusiast meaning being glued to it for at least three times a day and making quality contributions about your products or services EVERY DAY - suggest you go to a place like and ask someone there to do articles for you like that. You could come to an understanding and you can experiment until you've found the right person to do it for you.

I'd fist start my own blog and ask the person to make blog articles - X,Y,Z content. Then once the blog is doing well, copy and paste the content to Facebook - you could get the person to do a whole package of social media.

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Hi again, to follow on from @Genesis post, there are several sites where you can get quality content for your blog in exchange for backlinks etc. Here are a few links to get you started

Check out Ninja Outreach This page lists 5 good blog exchanges

Or find articles that suit you and write to the author to ask if you may publish it, see this useful article specifically dealing with this with a good template you can use to contact authors

Marketing is a huge subject - its easy to be overwhelmed with information.
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Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely
Search traffic is always better than others. Because our service and products goes directly to the buyers who need it urgently. That is why it always best for the marketers. Google and Bing are the best sources of the Search traffic. Social media is also good. If you can target the right audience.
Yes There are ways in which you can get free traffic for your product like post your videos on youtube. Create fanpage on facebook and Seo. But these are not so effective for sells. You have to paid ads like google adwords, bing, facebook ads.
Use the signature in forums. It will be good when promoting a site. Google will love it if your signature is in top rated forums.
Social is the best way to start to promote your bussiness for free.
1) looking for some group that they sell the same kind of product like you are and start posting your product
2) Looking for group that give advice about your product and start posting some advice about your product
3) SEO your website
4) Make a youtube channel about your product.

You can run an advertise with small fee on fb to boost your brand

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