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Is Twitter dying?

Twitter has been struggling with user growth last year and was at 0% growth, this may be due to do with bots and users being banned for ideological reasons. Personally twitter never interested me Facebook was enough to satisfy my social media needs by keeping it to my friends. twitter could slowly fade away if they do not make improvements to their system.

I am curious how twitter will do in 2018 to see if it's growth will increase or go down.

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In My Personal opinion, No. Instagram has died along time ago, Memes are there but i see them on twitter first. Facebook has lost it. It's mainly for stalkers now lol and creeps (can't lie i do sometimes too lol) and snapchat update just ruined it. IMO Twitter is alive and running the best it's ever had right now. Just follow the right people and you will understand why it is ontop. So much viral funny tweets and updates it's just great. it's ahead of all social medias to me as of right now.
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Is Twitter dying?530