2015 meetup


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Who would be interested in having a staff and members meetup some point in 2015?

What location would be an ideal candidate?

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It would be cool, but for people living in different parts of the world would be quite expensive and difficult to travel.


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True. I'm not sure where I'm going to be. There is a 98% chance my contract in the UAE won't be renewed. So I may find myself in Canada somewhere by end of October. Not sure exactly where, but I'm starting to think Toronto/Ottawa/Montreal instead of Vancouver. Traveling from North America is problematic for more than one reason. We only get 2 weeks leave, and if I'm lucky to find employment, I'll probably not be able to go on leave for a while.

If my contract is renewed (which I still hope it will be although hope is getting less and less), then it will be much easier. It will be less of a panic as well time wise. Maybe we could meet up in Turkey or Cairo. Although to get together with un4 (him being a crucial and life member) we'll probably have to travel right to his house at least with a few cases of beer each. :p


Welcome to Egypt