6 ways to reduce stress at work


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Nowadays most people are very busy and stressful at work. So you need to do follow 6 ways to reduce stress at work:

1 . Always keep your work space neat , clean

Make your own sake , Dad even neat , tidy everything as tidy as possible . Arranged in computer programs neatly, the compact machine is also important extremely. Put more into your work area a small bonsai pot . Closeness to nature will bring better relaxation .

2 . Exercise

Try different types of travel . The simplest one is that you walk to the nearest bus stop , there is also a way to bring more training effective .
Sometimes you should ... away from the elevator and walking the stairs . Take the elevator is considered very useful tool in moving office equipment!
You need an hour for lunch you? So eat quickly and go out for a little walk . This quick trip walk will burn some of the energy and help you feel more relaxed during the afternoon work .

3 . Maintain a balanced diet

The most worrying at present is that we always starve yourself during the day for lunch and then to be rushed to find something give full stomach is empty .
Try to eat light meals throughout the day to help the body balance nutrition right from early morning until midnight . Do not eat meat that should only focus on fruit , yogurt , cereal . For lunch , you should eat lightly , if for more than a bowl of pho or bun like something small bowl , use categories and the addition of mixed vegetables .

4 . Always cheerful humor

Nothing helps discharge fast and healthy tress with laughter . In a dry work environment people are always waiting for moments of humor , fun , will partly help you find fresh new features .
If there is not a problem that goes well , talk to colleagues or superiors to express your feelings , should contribute to creating friendly working environment and that all work in offices become favorable much more .

5 . Always for me the minute break when needed

Let your body relax really , do not make your body work through continuous range . Get up , stretch limbs and walk out the office for a while . Rest for 15 minutes , and should go somewhere for a while , the landscape changed around somewhat also reduce stress and increase arousal .

6 . Knowing enjoy the day off work

After a labor-intensive process , who also stay one or two days . Take advantage of the holidays to know that true wisdom . Knowing enjoy the holidays as a way to help regulate your life better and thus control the stress more effectively.

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try having some thing at work that makes you happy or play some music while you work. try not and look at it so much as some thing forced but try and see something good of it...its hard to deal with but its one of those hell raising things that has to be done