A friends new tunes


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Definately it is odd music type, what it is? I can listen to it. Although I have listened to only one song and I can say that he has done a good job.
The chap who made them says it isn't any particular type of music although it has some roots in Celtic Music but it isn't Irish Folk, this is what Rande himself said:

It's an acoustic album of my original tunes. Can't really pinpoint a genre as it doesn't conform to any specific style, but draws some influence from a Celtic oriented ensemble I've been working in for some time. Equally, it's not Irish folk either.
Yes, I like them myself, the more times I listen to them the more I like them, both Rande's and Susannah's voices are very good, odd though, I've known Rande for a while now and had no idea he could sing that well. :drinks:
Thank you for taking the time to check it out all the same, I am most fortunate in that I can enjoy music from many genre's, I listen to bands from the likes of Roy Orbison through to Cradle of Filth and enjoy them all thoroughly. :drinks:

I have passed your comment along to Rande.
Thanks for posting this beautiful music Briar and thanks to your friend for creating it! Much enjoyed and appreciated.
Familiar yet fresh like so much good music.