A suggestion for our wonderful admins


New member
I don't mean to offend anyone, it's just a simple suggestion. The lack of a favicon on the forum is something that that causes a bit of a OCD attack for me. It's a simple fix and would save me a bit o stress ;)

While I'm at it, adding ajax calls for likes on posts would be a awesome quality of life improvement for the forum. If You guys don't have the time for it i can write up a quick script.


Staff member
I think that not having a favicon is not a big issue, maybe if it causes OCD attack for other members, there might be something to do about it, other than that, there is no point of implementing this for one person only.

For the likes bit, it does not really matter, because people do not look at this as improvement, likes are here if you like something and want to upvote or give appreciation to someone for writing a cool post, that's all.


It's a good idea and simple to implement. Also is a very easy visual clue to quickly identify on a lot of tabs.