About your forum and your provider of hosting


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is some days I know your forum and website. In maybe 4 days happen to me 3 times the forum was down or with error on load pages. By refreshing the issue was resolved. Seems small and short disservice.
I know where you are hosting your website... and I was interested on understand if the company is good or not and I see your website is up but not always.

Don't know if is better discuss this in private with you or if a topic is good, no issue on talk about your hosting provider and this small down.


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Hmm, strange, the website is usualy down or under maintenance when our Tech Admin is performing any updates in the system that's far as I know.


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No was not... maybe I have also read about error printed by your forum. Once I have loaded the page your forum showed html errors but was away when I was refreshing. Now is working fine in all the case. Was a very quick issue just refreshing has resolved.

It could have been your browser or one of the nodes between your provider and the site. It does happen now and then. I would try clearing your cache and cookies to see if that will relsove any future issues.


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This forum runs MyBB if I am assuming correctly. I too own a MyBB forum, and I get SQL errors from time to time. It's normal, they go away on refresh.

I could be completely wrong, but this is just what I have learned from using MyBB. After all, no piece of software is perfect.