Accessing Roundcube webmail address list


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I have started using Roundcube webmail for one of my projects. I have created an address list within the application and I would like to be able to access and modify it from some custom PHP script. It that somehow possible? I've been searching for some files generated by Roundcube within the structure of my FTP but could not find anything related to it.

I know I could import/export the address list but I'd rather do it automatically.

Any tips or ideas?

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This list of Roundcube Plugins looks promising:

Particularly these ones:



It is a developer website for Roundcube with plenty of resources for those who would like to extend the functionality of Roundcube. It also has its own discussion forum as distinct from the one. Looks interesting!


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Thanks for the replies.

I have stumbled upon plugins but couldn't find a way to install them. Seemingly, only you, as head admins are able to install these plugins. According to this tutorial, some files are to be uploaded to root roundcube folder that is unaccessible by a normal user.

That's not so urgent and necessary anymore, but if some of you, devs have some time to check it out, you could try to follow teh mentioned tutorial just to install the plugin manager addon and then, maybe other users will be able to install some plugins they want to.

If it's not possible - well, not a problem, since you provide a free hosting, I do not demand anything :)

Anyways, thank you!


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I am sure that it could be installed on the server, just un4saken would have to make sure that it wouldn't harm on the server.