Add link in custom post-type - Wordpress


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I have a custom posttype in Wordpress 3. I would like to every post of this type to have the option to add a link. Basicly this will be a link that refers to another page/post whatever on the site.

There should be only one link for each post of this type. And i would then need to extract this link in my template files. Basicly im creating a post-type "Slideshow" And each slide-item should be connected to one page or post. So when you click a slide you will be taken to the defined page.

i know i can do this by using a custom-field. But then i would need to enter the whole url every time. I would like a feature similar to that of the wordpress WYSIWYG editor link button. So i can add a link to "existing content" easy.

Anyone know of any tutorials or similar on how to do this?