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Sander k

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Aha, I am not here for the hosting. Got my own server. I am just here to help out a buddy I guess.


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wifitoplist said:
@Sander k, same meh, I have more than 100 sites.
Wow! How do you keep track of 100 sites? And am now curious. How did you come to be interested in Gigalicous?

Any way, maybe you should read the TOS on the Home Page, as the information is in there:
Posts for Hosting
Gigalicous is a post for host Website (one time). We require that our new members make a one time posting of 10 quality posts before they may apply for Free Hosting.


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@Hellsing, I am not individually working on them. I have many admins for them.

I just love to join forums for sharing, helping and learning.

Check you post the individual link for terms. I mean add direct terms in index page.