all i know about rel canonical


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i found this by accident.
usually if we tipe our URL on facebook comment, facebook will showing our site picture, description and our domain name.

but how if in your site have rel canonical to other site?

description and domain name is belong to other site. but if we click in, still go to the URL that we tipe.

how about PR?
long time ago i have domain that have PR1 then i buy new domain.
i make same site in other host.
in my i put rel canonical, i hope google ignore my and look at my new domain.
and fiola my new domain have PR1.
then gone my PR of new domain also gone.

this is the code rel canonical that i put in html header of my
<link rel="canonical" href="http://mynewdomain/">


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i dont know, because only few mounth (arround 3 or 4 mounth) before gone.
if in long term maybe can make FTV PR with this method.

dont ask me how to make FTV because i dont know, i am not domainer :D