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Anki is one of the softwares I use daily. Anki in Japanese means "memorization". Basically, Anki is used as smart flash cards. I personally use it to help me learn other languages (although you could use it to learn just about anything). It has audio/picture support also. I believe they advertise that you could even use it to help you memorize people's faces (which is a bit strange, but I could see how it is helpful if you encounter a lot of people/clients you need to remember every day). It uses an algorithm based off of some learning theory about "spaced learning". I have had a lot of success with it in the past. It is 100% free also. I recommend this software to everyone.
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I've GOT TO try this one out. Maybe I'll be able to learn Spanish that way. I also like the people faces and names thing.


Oh, I didn't notice there was an Anki thread! I use it every day. It's great for remembering less common foreign language vocabulary, as the flashcards for words tend to show up right before I would likely forget them.