Annoyed with virgin media mail service


I have had a email for over 10 years now with virgin media. I still use that email for almost anything but for the past few months virgin medias web mail is terrible.

Half the time I cannot access my mail because an error will appear which is a problem with them not me. I also have to go through like 10 redirects to get to my page. They keep changing the look of the web mail and never stays the same.

It usually gets fixed quickly but it is annoying to not be able to access my mail for an hour because of some sort of fatal error.
Does anyone else have this problem with other services or are like me and have a virgin media email account?


New member
I've never had a Virgin Media email account and currently use Gmail which I haven't had any issues with so far. Although I have been having an issue with the Gmail App as I wont receive a notification when I receive an email until hours later and it is very annoying.