Any know more survival games?


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Hello people!. I play in the past (more of two years) the beatifull "I'm a live", any know similar games?.

To know this game:
I'm a live is a FPS game, you start like an man searching your family, but you're hospitalized and you start in this point with a cinematics viewing the bridge. Later you can see the "play role" and you need save your self, killing people to survive.

It's a great game! But i don't found similar games respect this u.u


When I hear survival game the only game that pops to mind is the old classic Schiffbruch. The game starts with your boat sinking and then you have to collect, build and grow food to survive. I think it's possible to get rescued but I don't know/remember exactly.


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The best of the few Survival Games that I tried are 7 Days to Die and Nether.

7 Days to Die is about surviving in a Zombie-World, has nice Graphics and a smooth Gameplay.

Nether has the feeling of a First Person-Shooter with Survival-Elements. I prefer Nether of the 2, cause I loved to play Mafia and Far Cry and Nether has some Elements of these 2 Gamehits.


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First thing that comes to my mind is Survarium, from Vostok studios. It was supposed to be an open world, but they started of with some good looking team deathmatch maps. This is about a year ago, so i have no idea what they are up to right now.

There is always minecraft or dayz as discussed above here, and H1Z1 is a multiplayer zombie game aswell.

And there is the disappointing no mans sky, which is sort of a survival game.


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There are so many survival games out there. You would just need to type in survival on any device or browser or anything and it would come up with many games to play. The survival genre is very popular and developers are still coming out with new and better ones. Just do some searching and testing maybe read some reviews.


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Left 4 Dead, if you're looking for a game to play missions. Dying Light, if you want to build an arsenal and free roam. State of Decay if you want an open world civilization game. Last Day On Earth if you want a mobile game. If you want the best game overall though Dying Light, it has the best overall qualities, fun, and playablity. Although if you can get two get State of Decay too as you will get a lot of fun and time out of it. It shows characteristics of all of the games on the list so is very versatile with it's fan base.