Any live chat plugins?


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Im looking for live chat plugins for customer support options as well as for all wing
Web site visitors to chat with one another while they are visiting.


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I have used the Crafty Syntax Live help package and think that it is great.
I have done chat support working from home, and the interface is very similar to what I had used as a chat CSR. I also like how a message can be made to float across the screen after a visitor has been on your page, asking him if he would like to initiate a chat session. You can sit there and watch when people visit your page. A voice says "You've got a new visitor." You can see the visitor's IP address, and dig deeper to see the visitor's location based on IP. You can opt to send a chat request or allow the system to automatically send a chat request after a designated amount of time.

I like the way you can opt to see what the customer is typing before they hit send, so that you can be preparing your response ahead of time.

Sorry if I posted this in the wrong area. I just realized that you were asking for WordPress plugins.
Maybe it is possible to integrate Crafty Syntax into your WordPress.


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Much appreciated as I might like to take a CSS approach vs. WP as I am not using
WP as my primary CMS.

I will look that up, and see how that works.


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Stay away from X Chat. I bought it from CodeCanyon and its been a nightmare to set up.

I'll check out the other plugins.