Any one still for phpBB?


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I'd say I'm more of a myBB than phpBB fan, however for the last 10 days have been playing with phpBB. And realized how clumsy and antiquated it has become versus myBB. For starters with myBB all I have to do is punch a few search words in YouTube, and it will come up with some great quality tutorials. Not so with phpBB. I probably found two OK'ish tutorials and both dated around 2011 - which must have been when phpBB was still doing very well.

Next that hit me in the eye was how clumsy it is in trying to configure everything in Admin Panel. Trying to find the matching html pages to edit was a real pain.

Any way, am just wondering too whether the days of Forums are beginning to be numbered? As those two tutorials I found for phpBB were connected with Forums. The Forums have been replaced by blogs and plenty of links to Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.


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Yeah, PhpBB is dying slowly. I used to use PHPBB a lot when I were younger, now a days I would use MyBB or other forum enginges.
I used to be pretty active as a Style designer for phpBB, there used to be a great atmosphere with the guys and gals running the show but things really went down hill after Dominik quit the scene. All the older Style designers and coders slowly but surely dropped out of the scene there after Dominik quit and the site started to get really pissy, too many hot headed Moderators who didn't understand how to handle forum members and they flooded the site with a whole new bunch of rules that got on everyone's tits. Alas, phpBB is fast becoming a joke which is actually to me sad to see, it is seriously out of date both on the back-end and on the User Interface, a lot of people can't be bothered with paying for or creating a skin for their forums and the in-house Style for phpBB is ghastly to say the least, it looks absolutely dreadful.


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In the past I have used phpbb, but as Briar Spirit said the community has slowly deteriorated and the system has become outdated. My new favourites are SimpleMachineForums and MyBB simply because of the active community and support surrounding them.


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I haven't installed forums in ages. I agree that social media seems to have killed them. I used to love phpBB. I think the last version in stalled was 3.1 ish