Any one using HTML5?


Just curious to know whether any one is using HTML5? And if yes, what is it that you like about HTML5?


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I am using html5 for mobile magazines (newsstand etc.) and microsites without cms.
In the mobile development the good think: is universal
The bad: big rendering time = slow response

Microsites general good thoughts :undecided:


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I am using HTML5 and CSS3 in many projects, there are many features of HTML5 and CSS3, Some of them are.

1- It has Navigation, Map, Video tags.
2- Animations
3- Game development
4- Mobile Development

And many more.


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Lightly, I use the video command and some of the forms - but I hate that you have to write fallbacks for older phones/browsers.


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HTML5 and CSS3 with jQuery and PHP (for the backend). I like being able to specify a set of styles the define the look and feel of my site because I can make rapid adjustments and customizations. HTML5 makes for a very clean and easy-to-follow source file, especially if your editor supports tag matching.


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I use HTML5 mainly for parallax-scrolling websites and for javascript-based sites. It does work best with CSS3 and javascript. I'm planning to use it for a news blog.


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Some are pro but some arent. html5 under current responsive environment is the best choice. Maybe some other times it will be replaced by something better.


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I use the HTML5 code very often. I think this is the most reliable and fast webcode today. I maded some responsive sites with 5, and CSS3.


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I'm using HTML5 & CSS3 almost exclusively these days as all of my clients want a responsive site. TheNewBoston has some great tutorials on YouTube that can get you started.

John M. Carr

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This is a sign of just how new to this game I am, but the only HTML standard I know is HTML 5. It would be a problem if I was a professional (or studying to be a professional,) but I'm somewhat more of a de facto website-building hobbyist, and I'm not particularly interested in learning the older standards just to learn them.


John M. Carr ?? said:
I'm not particularly interested in learning the older standards just to learn them.
I feel exactly the same. Everything I learn as a Website hobbyist has to be functional, i.e. a tool to an overall objective. It's actually kind'a useless for me to learn something just for the sake of learning it when I'm not going to apply it straightaway. Must say I'm totally happy with our Google environment where one can quickly grab learning from others, either in the form of a YouTube tutorial, or a community who discussed the subject.


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Html5 and CSS3 is a must to learn I would say. SASS and LESS are extensions, in some cases there are good to use, but main is HTML5 and CSS3, because it gives you a lot of functionality in the code and also makes your code neat and more understandable like C programming language.


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I have started using HTML5 for new pages but I haven't really studied it so I just find new features as I go along. CSS3 was mentioned and I think it might even be more useful than HTML5. If I had to choose between only using one of HTML5 and CSS3 I would probably choose CSS3.


Agreed Peter. Those Stylesheets are very powerful. I don't know how one would choose however. HTML5 just seems to be the only right partner for CSS3. When one uses HTML.