Any solution for the world's over population?


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I can't understand how the world could allow itself to become as over populated as it is today. I'd say of all of the problems we're facing at the moment this must be one of the most serious of them all. We have an explosion of populations happening all over the world, and a very large percentage of those not being able to look after themselves. In the process gobbling up resources that are growing less and less, and completely upsetting the environment.

So what do you think is a solution to this problem?


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I'd vote on that Hellsing. Some of the cities have become unbearable to live in because of bad air pollution. Wonder whether it would get as bad as people having to walk around with portable oxygen tanks and masks one day. Probably not as far fetched as we may think.


As Egyptian I guess I'm not the best one to answer this , We are 90+ millions and counting :p

However I think this solution is good as the government support the first child in free education and/or health insurance , While parents have to pay for the second child school etc ...

Some of my friends who work for human rights org. say this is against policies and will lead to increase of children problems all over the country , But I say that parents will take into consideration that when having a second child

Also a world war ||| would be a good solution :good: :pardon:


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Hazem said:
However I think this solution is good as the government support the first child in free education and/or health insurance , While parents have to pay for the second child school etc ...
Great start agreed with that Hazem. The US is getting very bad as well. On my level I'd say worst part is not enough employment for every one and that creates social problems. My solution would be to make abortion more easily available and increase family planning availability to every one. Someone needs to get the catholics sorted out too with their policy of anti-pill and anti-abortion.


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There cant be any solution because, each day many persons merry and each day thousands of children born. So how can be a solution of over population?


New member don't have to be married to procreate...

The solution to the world's over population is to slow down our research and innovation on medicine (yeah I know that sounds horrible - but as a species we're living far longer, which means the planet has to provide resources for a greater number of people).


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Growing population is not problem. Its same like in animal world, its all under nature control. You can visit any supermarket and see what they do with the food there after work hour. They dump it in the trash if you don't know, here is the answer, there are plenty of food to feed everyone, problems is producing staff we don't need, the staff which destroys the nature and mother earth, nothing is better then simple life and higher thinking


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Look at this map:

Hunger map

It seems that the "third world countries" have problem with the food supply already and we "the privileged" just ignoring it.

People had, have and will have a big blindfold about problems concerning other people.

We have clothes so everybody have clothes...
We have food so everybody have food...
We have a good health plan so everybody have it...
We are not overcrowded so everybody are not...

It seems we must start give some time to our fellow human, nature...

If we continue with that rate and behaviour -> ICE AGE here we come!! :undecided:


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Well eventually everyone would migrate to the places where there's water, food, space and those places will become hell and classist (meaning division of those who have resources and those who do not).

Hells Bells

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Probably a touchy area to interfere with. The most the world can do is educate every one, particularly women as they get to teach their children, etc. etc.


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The world is not over populated. Not at all. The problem is that all of us are trying to live in the same place(s). We are over populated in local locations like Japan, China, and many western metropolitan cities. For example we have over 300 million people in the US and still have thousands of square miles that are uninhabited, but habitable.


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If all countries can agree and enforce "maximum 2 children per family" then the world population will stay stable...
Give incentive to couples that have no child or only 1 child,
then fine them or no free gov entitlement / tax-break for those with more than 2 children.
If only all countries, especially Africa, South America and Asian countries, which currently dominate the world population growth, could do so...
India will soon have more population than China. Indonesia is growing fast as well. :bomb: