Any Twilight fans?


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I was a fan of the books for a few months when they first came out. Must've listened to the audio books like 3 times in a row. Guess it was because it was something new in a way.

Not sure which is a favourite, felt like a single long book to me. And it somehow doesn't go with the current me XD

I like the extra book, the one that told the story of another girl, that wasn't acquainted with the main characters from the books, forgot the name.

And my favourite character from the saga will always be Alice. :cool:

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Never read the books myself, I watched some of one movie but kind of lost interest when they made Bella look like some poor starved creature, I stopped the movie at that point as I found it too distressing to continue seeing her like that.


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I used to adore Twilight. The books and the films. I even had a fan page with another friend when the first movie came out. But then, the host we had it on disappeared from the face of earth one day and we lost everything. Anyway, I liked the books because everyone liked them. And at the time I thought they were really good because I didn't have anything else to compare them to. However, now I don't think the same thing. After reading a lot more literature, I can say they aren't nothing special, and I grew out of the whole vampire world. My favorite character was Alice. The movies were a bit boring...