anybody into MMORPG?


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I tried Everquest several years ago and got so bored with it.

Tried World of Warcraft and after about 2 hours I got bored with how repetitive it was.

I've played Habbo Hotel and those kinda games and they were pretty fun. But, I have a short attention span and I don't think I could play those games for long.


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I've tried some in the past. I enjoyed Final Fantasy ONLINE and the new one for the PS4 might be the only reason I get a PS4. Also The Division and Destiny are two games that will be MMORPG games. both coming out on the next gen consoles.


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jaran said:
DOTA is one of famous MMORPG games.

That is a MOBA silly! (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena)

I've recently gotten into Neverwinter. Its based on the lore of Dungeons and Dragons and is very noob friendly. The only reason I never played WoW is because of the complexity. However, after recent rumors of World of Warcraft going free to play I might give it a shot!


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igdesigner said:
I have played for a while, but you need some friends to play with, because when you play on your own it's boring.

I completely agree with you there, I played WoW for about 6-8 months with my friends and it was pretty fun, but repetitive. Once my friends quit playing, I quit playing. I have also attempted to play the first Guild Wars and AION. Both were fun but boring without friends to play with. Since then I haven't really played any MMORPG's.


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I like MMORPGs well honestly I like any type of RPG. I play Guild Wars 2 it was fun and challenging till I got one Character to max level with the best gear I can get my hands on. But now I only play when my friends are on and that's not often. MMORPGs need more story line in my opinion.


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Hell yeah i played a lot of them all the time during my childhood lots and lots of it mostly tibia since i love the "Hardcore" of it like you had one life and that's it it was amazing to run into the helpers "guild" and save newbs and kill those "pirates" that asked for help just to try to trap you i miss that kinda player drived teams like the helpers "guild" in newer MMORPGS tho (elite dangerous looks amazing i idk if i should try tho its heavy and memory and pretty lonely apparently)


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The best MMORPG that i have never played is Word of Warcraft, i have played it for 10 years and i'm playing it now.