Anyone like Stargate


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I`m a big fan of the Stargate franchise, SG1 & Atlantis. Universe was`nt really all that good, quite boring infact.


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I love Stargate and Star Trek both :) My favorite versions of them are Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis. Star Trek Enterprise is my favorite one for Star Trek. I'm into a lot of that sci-fi nerdy stuff since I spend my days on a computer or watching tv half the time :rofl:


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OK people, simple question... which was your favorite Stargate series

For Me Stargate Atlantis


Caroline Centa

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Stargate SG1 was my favourite of the series... but I liked them all - especially those that had Daniel Jackson in them.....:blush:
I loved SG1 but enjoyed all of the series, O'neill was awesome, absolutely made the show for me any way, I loved the casual way he just didn't 'seem' to give a hoot but when it cam down to business he always got the job done.


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I'm a huge fan of stargate. As a matter of fact I'm working on updating my own Stargate RP forum. SG1 was epically the best. Universe second due to its darkness.


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I'm a fan too. I reckon if one hasn't worked through all of the series at least a couple of times, one has missed out on something really great.


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Stargate SG1 was and still one of my favorite and top 10 Scifi TV show.

But after the team changed, I started to hate it. But still, amazing show and really well done.