Anyone? Who play


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I never heard of it... until last week, qhen my boss told me to play.
I know, it's kind of surreal. xD

Anyway, we played and without notice, we do it for most than an hour. It's a classical game bassed on particles and mass, but in his simple gameplay lay the fun.
I also liked the option to join or create game-rooms to play with friends and teams.

It's better that you try it by yourself, don't rely only on a Youtuber opinion (neither a forum user like me, hehe).



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It's a nice game to play while you're in a Queue for another game, or waiting on something.
I also like their snake game. I believe it was
Though that can be a bit more frustrating and competative than
It wouldn't surprise me if they've made more "IO" games.
Definately think Agar is much more peaceful to play than Slither though, but I suggest if you want more of a challenge to play since you can dash forward as the snake and cut other people off, then devour their delicious souls to grow bigger.


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it is dead sadly, miniclip started to care about money and only money, people started calling it MoneyClip

well i moved out and became an admin at


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Once I happened by chance, this game is ok, sometimes I like to play, similar and also cool is


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cool game i was the first player in my city who played agario
until i made a hosted server and many played with me..
coded with node.js


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Use to play it but team killing is a major issue. It got old slowly. was my next addiction but that had a tone of lagg and the smaller snakes would rush you and wipe you out because of the lagg.


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Man, I haven't heard of in a long time. Not really the best type of game for me to be honest. Too slow paced.