Apologies on the website downtime


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It appears we a victim of our own success, the last couple of days we`ve seen a significant increase of traffic to the Gigarank website. With that extra traffic the server resources we set via Cloudlinux for the Gigarank.net website have been reached a few times over the weekend thus resulting in knocking off our website, that`s why you may have seen the internal server error message.

It`s now been rectified and preventative measures are being taken to stop it happening again. Please note* no other websites we host was affected, just the Gigarank.net website. As a precaution we flushed the cache and restarted the server.

Any questions, feel free to post below.


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Yeah I thought so. It happened yesterday morning hours as well. Increased traffic is good, im happy to hear that, but we need to be aware of problems like that.


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I use Montool and Pingdom to check my site get down regurarly. Sometime getting 508 bandwith limited even though webstats at cpanel looks so fine. Anyway, I've got alot traffic after google algorithm Payday Loan 2.0. Thanks @DJB ! You are doing great job for keep at your attention. I love this ! :good: