App for Gigarank


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I`m currently in the planning stages of developing a Android Application (App) for Gigarank.

Would you like to get involved with planning and development? Please post suggestions below.


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The only thing I could help with would be to test it, if you need people to test the app I'd be happy to help. :) Other stuff I wouldn't know as I have no clue as to how to make an app in the first place. :fool:


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Hmm I think that it should cover some of the management option like: cPanel Access, Email access, Forum?, Your Gigarank customer account (for Premium Users). Also you could do something to access the app through the forum account?!

The application should be modern and easy to use, that would enhance the management and usage.


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I've just worked my way through some of the support threads at myBB Community Forum with installation of the myBB GoMobile plugin. They obviously still have more work to do. Can't be easy to create the plugin. So I was thinking, if it is so difficult for myBB to perfect the plugin over the last years (from 2013 to date), it can only be very difficult for someone who is tackling a new design from the ground up.

Everything seems to be OK until it gets to the myBB templates that need major modification. And then the option to change from mobile to normal view.

I'll try and dig up this one senior member at myBB's details. She is a senior designer, may know where you can get something really good to work with.
OK have tracked her down at myBB at this thread - LeeFish - she is myBB Staff:
Wait a minute - here's a mobile theme for 1.6 version - our current version! :yahoo:

By JohnyS - another staff member of myBB and a myBB Mobile Design enthusiast.


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Thats good news Chris. Im not fan of Tapatalk because they lack of "Thankyou" button for member who give me usefull post on Gigarank.
Make sure to include the older android versions like 4.1. Now everyone has newer phones. I know there are some apps that won't work the older versions. I can test the app out. I have an older Nexus that I can switch the O/S out to do some testing.