Apple could be deleting your music


That's awful! Apple should know better... Between the privacy issues with Windows 10 I've heard so much about, and stuff like this, I wonder if it's possible to have privacy while using any operating system, except maybe Linux.


One thing I've noticed about linux users: We appreciate privacy more because we tend to share everything else.

Windows and Mac have been fighting with each other for years: which one is more secure, which one is faster.

Linux users share our vulnerabilities so we can overcome them, and share our victories so we can grow stronger together.

And when we hear about someone who lost precious data, we move to make sure it doesn't happen again.
And most importantly: BACKUPS!


I was never a fan of itunes, I disliked the software and I disliked the service. So I got rid of my Ipod and got an Android phone so i wouldn't have to use Itunes and its annoying service.

Its even worst that they are deleting peoples music and forcing them to use their service wheres the freedom in that? This is what i don't like about Apple and its products they force you to use their methods and not your own. Compared to Linux you can do whatever you want with it and not be forced to use a specific piece of software.