Are you looking at the moon tonight?

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A lunar eclipse is supposed to happen tonight. My father have been talking a lot about it but he originally thought it was two nights ago, but tonight is the night.

The moon looks very bright tonight. No signs of an eclipse yet.

I will go back to bed now. I see if I can wake up again later and have a look.


Still really cloudy here. It looks awesome on the stream though. Wish I could see it outside.


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I looked for it, but I could not find the moon. It must be too cloudy. Strange that on a special night like this it is too cloudy to see the moon, and any other night it would be in plain sight.

Does anyone have the link for the live view of the moon by NASA?


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I wanted to see it, but it happened at 4 am. I stayed up late waiting, but I think I fell asleep. :undecided: It was perfect, there weren't any clouds and we had a super moon / full moon, it was so big and shining... At least we have the videos, but seeing the real thing would've been much better.


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When I got home very early this morning like 3:00 a.m. there was a really bright moon. Usually it's dark to the extent I can't unlock my door without difficulty, but was wondering why there was so much light until I noticed that the moon was completely full, and looked as though it had a halo around it. Wonder at what time the eclipse was.


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I didn't plan too, but when I noticed the time I decided to look.
Genesis said:
Wonder at what time the eclipse was.

at about 3:50 AM it looked really red but, I think this may of been near the time of the eclipse, although I'm not sure as I only looked at it for a few minutes. I tried to get a picture that I could use for a background image for my phone but unfortunately I was unable to get a good picture of the moon due to all the light pollution in my area.
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