Article Setup


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Has anyone had a play with the Article setup script in Softaculous? I`m having a play around with it here:

ArticleSetup is the powerful, flexible, and surprisingly simple web software that you can use to setup your own article directory website.
This premium script is easy to use, customizable, feature-rich, fully supported and best of all, it's completely free - forever.


I`ve used it before at work, one thing I did notice is it can attract spam so if you use it I would recommend you lockdown the user submission settings.


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I've never heard of it. It looks like maybe a lightweight wordpress? It'd have to be pretty fire to compete with wordpress since wordpress has a huge userbase, and a ton of plugins and themes.

Popularity isn't everything, but it's hard to compete with something so ubiquitous.

My next toy is Magento. A lot of companies use it, so I've got to play with it.