Asp.Net MVC Core 2 web site with Wordpress in subdirectory


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My hosting plan includes 1 site. I have installed a Asp.Net MVC Core 2 project on that site and it is working as designed. Now I would like install a blog on the same site in a subdirectory. The blog I am using is Wordpress. Wordpress is installed to a subdirectory on the Asp.Net MVC Core 2 site. When I run the Wordpress blog I get a .NET error page with the error:

Status Code: 404; Not Found

if the Asp.Net MVC Core 2 site runs at, i want the blog site to run at

I assume Asp.Net MVC Core 2 is looking for a BlogController when I go the blog directory. Is there a setting in IIS7 or Asp.Net MVC Core 2 (Startup.cs or other config file) that tells it to leave the blog directory alone and not use .NET?

Note: i read <a href="">MVC3 web site with Wordpress in subdirectory</a>, but it is for MVC3 not Asp Net MVC core 2