Asterix ....


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I really like anime, but Asterix is one of my favourites. One of the best cartoon strips for sure. I like all of the characters, but Dogmatix is extra special.


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It's a long LONG time that I've heard any one mention Asterix, but I can remember I liked it too. My favourite character was Obelix.


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Used to be a big fan of Asterix. I think I had read about 20 or more Asterix books when I was a kid. I read all books they had in public library. Then we have a locally dubbed series and I have to stay it was more hilarious than original one. I think I watched 2 Asterix movies too.


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Really enjoyed the recent animated film, titled Asterix: The Land of the Gods. I loved the overall dynamics, humor and the visual presentation of the Asterix "world". Hope they will bring to the screen more Asterix stories - I've got a bunch of the comic books and I've always enjoyed them. I don't like the feature films as much as the books - the films just don't show the whole scope of humor from the graphic novels.


I have read very few of the cartoons, but I have watched many of the animated films as a kid. I don't remember if I had any favourite, probably one of Asterix, Obelix or the druid. Not Caesar, that's for sure. :D

I'm wonder why the English translators decided to change the name of Idefix when Asterix and Obelix was kept (except for the accents).