AWS : Using S3 and Cloudfront with wordpress installed in EC2


Staff member
I am a completely new user of AWS and want to host a wordpress site there.

I successfully launched an EC2 instance,SSHed and installed LAMP stack and then wordpress. Everything is working fine but I want to use S3 for storage of static files than EBS.

I read many tutorials and implemented them.
1.Made a bucket in S3.

2.Launched my distribution in cloudfront with S3 bucket as origin.

3.Installed W3Cache plugin in wp and configured it.

But nothing worked. When I load my index page, I do see request coming from but all the site assets are showing and 403 forbidden error.

I also tried making my bucket PUBLIC , but the problem persist. Rather I was billed for 0.10$ showing I have exceeded 20,000 GET and PUT requests.

I don't know when that happened, I barely have any traffic in my site(max 1-2 users) at this time.

Can anyone please explain whats going on and enlighten me?<br>
Thanks in advance.