Best Chrome Add-ons


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whats everyone's favorite addons for chrome.

Personally im a huge fan of the google voice service so that has to be up there on the list but i dont use many more. what other ones are good to use?


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I love the emoji add-on. I think it is Chromoji or Chromeji it's so good! It converts the squares to legit emojis HAHA you could also go to there website to use an emoji and copy it and post it to Facebook or twitter! :)


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adblock plus and adblock, I also find hola very useful!!!

and even though it's not an extension, Chrome Developer Tools is probably my most used part of the browser haha.


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uBlock Origin, due to it actually not having a "pay to add ad" list, which Adblock Plus does have.
Then there's Tampermonkey, for all the JS scripts you would run.
Image Downloader is a good lazy way to get images without having to search through the source code yourself for it.


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The following add-on is convenient for me.
Clearly (main contents only)
Screen Capture (Capture)
Extensity (add-on control by add-on)
Instant translate (translate word)
There are other add-on which support mouse control as well. It excludes the add-on that depends on the device it has.


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Sahkunata said:
The only extension i have on chrome are AdBlockPlus et Unoficial Messenger
The topic of the discussion is "Best Chrome Add-ons". The expectation is a post that discusses what the author sees as the best Chrome Add-on, not the only one he has. If you can't contribute to what you see as a best Chrome add on, you should not be posting to the thread. Logical consequence if you post just for the sake of making a post is a post that is meaningless and doesn't provide you with a quality post credit.


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HTTPS everywhere, The great suspender and uBlock origin are my favourite add-ons. The great suspender automatically suspends unused tabs saving RAM, uBlock origin is the best adblock and HTTPS everywhere ensures load their HTTPS version increasing your security on the internet. BTW, HTTPS everywhere and uBlock origin are also available in firefox. Not so sure about The great suspender.


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You can use keyword everywhere to get volume, competition and cpc of keyword when you searched on google.
Viewport resizer is the great addon for website designers and developers to check it on mobile devices.
is the addon to download the videos from facebook.
Awesome screenshot to capture the entire webpage and convert it to the jpg.
Vidiq for the youtubers.


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Poper Blocker
[font]Absolutely the best extension available for Chrome, able to block pop ups that Chrome is unable to handle most of the time. I've tried other extensions to deal with this problem, however I still got pop ups. If anyone's annoyed by them, I suggest you download it![/font]