Best Resource for learning MEAN Stack


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I started this question from a problem I was having following a tutorial(listed below). Some people felt it wasn't a good enough question. So I am re-stating my question.

What is the best resource for learning & understanding the MEAN Stack?

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Alright, I am at ends with this. I'm following this <a href="http://thecodebarbarian.wordpress.c...he-mean-stack-part-one-setting-up-your-tools/" rel="noreferrer">tutorial</a> and I've gotten to the point where I need to fork a project on github[done] and run npm install. thiss is what the directions say:

At this point, you’ve done essentially all you need to do to run a MEAN stack application. You can simply clone/fork <a href="" rel="noreferrer"></a> , start a “mongod” process, navigate to the git repo, and run npm install -d

So what the hell does that mean? Navigate to the git repo and then run a command. Mongod is running, I'm in another shell what?

thanks, I've been digging into this for a day now.