Best way to pay a users paypal account?


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I know the title isn't amazingly descriptive, sorry.

Basically I'm in the midst of creating a website where users can search for and buy website layouts, wordpress/joomla themes etc. Now users will be able to credit their account from paypal and use this 'site credit' to buy themes etc. Now this can be done with IPN, but for people selling themes, what's the best way to allow them to withdraw their earnings to their paypal account. Example;

<li>Joe Bloggs credit ($20 goes in to the website paypal account)</li>
<li>Joe Bloggs buys a theme from John Smith for $10 (a. Joe Bloggs accounts balance = original balance - 10, b. John Smiths account balance = original balance + 10)</li>
<li>John Smith wants to withdraw the $10 he just earnt</li>

Any help appreciated, hope I'm being clear enough, also if anyone could recommend what type of paypal account to use with this as obviously with this sort of traffic going through it I need as little to no limits as possible.