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amh said:
hi, zeus192,

I am not too sure about the differences of java for android and web development, however, when speaking about web development, my future plan is to develop 3d design platform using java (web based 3d modelling), i plan to start with 2d problem and next, proceed with 3d modellling. My plan to apply for research grant and buy server, so ppeople can use the application using web you have any idea the differences of java for web development and android app?.....yeah..maybe in future i will share my achievements...

There is really large difference between web java and android. If you want to design 3d graphic look on Unity with C#, maybe it will be interesting for you. I didn't understand completely your idea, but it's actually perfect to have a goal and try to achieve it any ways.
In larg 3d development the best way to use C/C++ as I know.


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It is not important to keep track of all the libraries.
I learned at Sun Microsystem's JAVA e-learning (JDK 2.x) .
Tutorial was able to know the development flow.
You do not have to finish the tutorial. It is useful to remember how to use and find necessary libraries.
If you do not set your goals clearly, you will get lost.
Then I wrote in Java.


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My first steps in the programming world were made in my elementary school. When teachers weren't good enough for me, I started reading CLRS (Introduction to Algorithms). After many years of being algorithmic programmer (and IOI contestant), I knew a lot about computers and logic; however, I didn't know much about how to code projects. Then I joined some development teams. First as a pure algorithmic programmer, the one, who was responsible for optimization of data computation. But I kept my eyes open and was trying to get as much experience from other levels of project as possible. I have to point out that I'm a little in love with C++ and C. But for web applications, I'm using python-django. I learned it from many tutorials, documentation and stackoverflow. It wasn't really needed as I knew how to do some serious coding.


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There's a really good answer already but I'm gonna tell my experiences anyway.

I see that a lot of people think that programming language is the most important part, I don't really see it that way (at least now). I am currently studying Computer Science in university and have been studying about programming since 3 years ago. What you need to focus on exercising is your head. You need to know how computer works and you need to get used to solving problems. Programming language comes second because really it's just a preference.

And about the "libraries" thing, I don't see the need for you to remember a lot of them. .NET has a lot of libraries and trust me, even an experienced programmer won't even remember what's inside them. You'll remember it when you use it a lot of times. So basically you just need to learn the ones that you'll need the most and you're definitely going to remember it in no time.


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I've started basics of Python using the SoloLearn app on my phone, it breaks learning down for basic concepts. They provide quizzes and community support, however, if you don't have the motivation you wont learn. Ive spent a while figuring the language that will help my career and make the logical sense for application (i.e. admin tasks, hobby/pi/web). is a place to start very gentle, it covers JavaScript, HTML, CSS, C#, C++, SQL and many other languages, worth a look!


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I think that te better way to learn to program is manipulating strings, solving tipically problems of the manipulation of data, and data simulations.The waiting queue simulation, and so on is usually quite useful for learning


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I think there is no anyone who save all thing is his/her mind.
I prefer learn java from basic first and write some notes for future referings
I think that you should specify what filed you want to work. java is very extended and you should go step by step.


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tring to create own project. at first is very hard, but at the end you learn, then you get your better and better with pratice ... try, test, try, test and so in.


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For beginners...

You need to learn a base of programming, do not try to start from any syntax. Use scratch if you start programming. Take any life situation and find optimal algorithm of solution. You will start to see how many approaches can exist for all. When you can find optimal algorithm for anything, go to learn some easy syntax. If you understand laws of programming, you will code on any platform easily. Wish you luck!


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try watching videos and look at ebooks to see what exactly you can programme and try doing it yourself also you can check the forums or ask other people for programming advice and help and they could easily be happy to help you out for learning the basics of programming


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Practice is the key , but for me personnaly i practice by decomposing existing code and recomposing something else from what i've learnt !


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I always suggest anyone who asks me how they could learn computer programming or become a good computer programmer I refer them to's video tutorials as these tutorials helped me a lot.

And if someone asks me which programming language they should fist learn I say Python because it's flexible and easy and compiling with other programming languages python is legit. Although It depends on the type of application they would like to create. If they wanna create any Android app my answer would be Java, if iOS my answer is Swift, if Web application my answer would be HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL.


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I would recommend learning the basics then moving on to libraries and topics that you find useful. Most languages have load of functions and syntax to remember, which is very difficult to remember. Most of which you will never use.


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I've learned coding by working with scrips made by other people and making adjustements. Over time you'll learn how things work. If I don't know something I'll use google and find out.


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If you want to be a good programmer than I would say you must have to have great patience and dedication toward it. Programming is like poetry, If you take it as your passion you will get the juice out of it. But if you ask me which programming language should you learn first I would say it depends on what kind of program you would like to create. Although a kick start might be python which is really a good choice for beginners. And if you ask how would you learn it then my answer is in primary stage you can learn anything from YouTube via video Tutorials or in a professional manner would be recommended. And when you come to intermediate level where you will face errors and have to debug them then there are thousands of developers out there to help you so don't be afraid buddy. StackOverflow is out there to help you in this case.