Biggest data breaches


Moderator, the website simply has graphs of data about various things around such as what percentage of a movie is actually true to a real life story.

One of the more interesting datas being shown is the biggest data breaches. It shows all sorts of businesses where their data was stolen in some way. Whats so suprising about this is how many comapnies have had their data stolen and how it was stolen. It says the NHS had information stolen because a laptop with the information on was stolen and wasn't reported until 3 weeks later.

Personally I would be quite worried knowing that my data icould be hack or stolen in any and it would be even more worrying if the data was taken because of poor security.

Whats your opinion on these breaches and does it make you worry about your data being held with any sort of business?


New member This website shows major data breaches of which the leaked information is found online. It's quite unconfortuble to know you're on the list, but I think all you can do is hope that no sensitive information (credit card numbers etc.) has been leaked.


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You would be surprised how lame companies are (their employees) at the work that they do. Asecurity breach was recently reported on eBay but they refused to act on it because it was deemed too difficult and complicated to do. Talk Talk is another bad company who have had their customer databases compromised several times already.
I would say 90% of all security breeches has been from careless employees leaving their computers turned on, left sitting on a table or no encryption on the disk itself. Another way is fake login pages. The rest is just poor secuirty on the servers themselves. A lot of the IT guys to stay on top of current sercuity issues and don't apply patches until its too late.


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Or perhaps they are too busy implementing the actual patches themselves that they forget to apply the patches. Not!

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Biggest data breaches? Better check some government websites such as the Commission on Elections here in the Philippines. Although the database has not touched, someone already accessed the said full voters database, showing all data in it. It might not be as worst as it is, but it seems that some sites are prone to hacks and breaches as long as the hosting is not secured at all.