birth of gigarank


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i want to know gigarank is originated from what country?what place. i know gigarank servers are at france if i am not wrong.

gigarank origins from where i.e owner of gigarank belongs from where.

asking for info if you do not mind.


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DJB is the owner of Gigarank coming from UK. But I dont know what the Gigarank office place exactly. I also want to know when Gigarank was born. Should we celebrate it for every year ? :angel:

Sander k

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I joined on the day GigaRank opened, just look up when I became a member [SMILING FACE WITH SMILING EYES]


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If you want to treat the Gigarank team for doing their job and congratulate them, send them a beer, pizza or something simmilar, as well as questions like that, you can send admin PM directly.

I think they will be more then happy for your present, if you want to give them one !

[email protected]


Genesis said:
Ahhh right ..... a while ago I got a domain

Then one night got carried away. :p

Very informative!:clapping: Cleared up some things I was wondering about.
Seeing that forum archive made me reminisce about the days when I was first exploring forums as a many memories.