Blender exports a three.js animation - bones rotate strangely


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I'm currently trying to export an animated blender model to three.js using the exporter of three.js (

I've created a model including bones and weights and a tiny animation.

The problem I have: The model gets broken. Somehow the bones don't rotate around their origin but around the origin of the root bone. Moving the bones manually does not make a difference.

I followed these tutorials:

I have:
Deleted the Armature

Checked the Vertex Groups

Keyed all bones in the first and last frame.

I've been to pretty much every thread I could find on github and stack overflow. These seem to be the main issues for these errors. But I guess I still miss any point. :(

I have uploaded all files including the blender files and exported animation.
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Any suggestions?
Thanks a lot in advance.