Boonex Forum install problem

Heya Folks,

I hope your day is going well and that you are doing okay. :good:

I wonder if I could trouble you here, I have installed Boonex Dolphin through softaculous to see if it would run okay on my hosting account, the site will be used for a small group of friends of mine, it will never become a big site so resource use shouldn't be a real concern at any time.

I tried to install the Boonex Forum module and got this error message:
Orca requres PHP XSLT extension. Please enable it first then proceed with installation.

For PHP4, make sure that PHP is compiled with the following extensions:

--with-dom --enable-xslt --with-xslt-sablot

If these PHP extensions are enabled, then you can see domxml and xslt extensions in phpinfo() with the following options:

DOM/XML: enabled
XSLT support: enabled

For PHP5, make sure that PHP is compiled with the following extension:


If this PHP extension is enabled, then you can see xslt extensions in phpinfo() with the following option:

XSLT support: enabled

I checked on Boonex support site and they tell folk to contact their hosting company as the settings are a server-side issue.

Is there any chance you guys know how to set up my account so I can install the Forum module, I would appreciate that very much but it isn't the end of the world if it isn't possible.

panel name: bspirit

Many thanks for your time and patience. :smile:
Thank you very much for your reply Genesis, there is no rush, I am still in the admin panel trying to remember how to set the site up, although I have a lifetime license and did run a Boonex site a few years ago I have forgotten everything so it's like doing it all again for the first time, the forum is something to worry about at the end so really, no rush. :smile:


php is recompiled with xsl support.

XSL	enabled
libxslt Version	1.1.27
libxslt compiled against libxml Version	2.9.0
EXSLT	enabled
libexslt Version	1.1.27
That was super fast :clapping: , thank you very very much. :good:

Out of curiosity, the community I am setting up is a closed site open to invited friends only, as such it wont be possible for you guys to check up on the site to put your minds at ease with the content in the community.

With that in mind I have just created a profile for the Admins here to gain access to the community should you guys feel the need to check on site content there, whom should I send the login details for that account to!?