Browsing page siblings through next/previous links


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I'm using WordPress as CMS for a site I'm developing. When I'm browsing posts, I can use Next/Previous links to walk between posts. I want to have the same thing on pages.

<li>Page A</li>
<li>Page B</li>
<li>Page C</li>

Page A should link to next sibling Page B. Page B should link to previous sibling Page A and next sibling Page C. Page C should link to previous sibling Page B.

Is there any plugin you can recommend that generates these links? I know there are <a href="" rel="noreferrer">some</a> plugins that do this, but I specifically want one that hooks into my current theme automatically. I know how to edit the theme, but that would brick my site whenever a theme update is available.

I'm using the <a href="" rel="noreferrer">LightWord</a> WordPress theme.