Oh yay for necro posts, excuse the revival of an older discussion.

I have two licenses for premium forum solutions which I would quite like to upgrade, my lifetime license for vBulletin 4 which I'd like to upgrade to vB5 and I have a Xenforo license which is a lifetime license but it requires an upgrade premium to get the latest version. Both were purchased whilst I had money coming in for theme design work I used to do but since my disabilities got worse I cannot dedicate time to design work so I can't afford the upgrades, shame about the vB5 one, that new software looks awesome, Xenforo is fun but I don't like it as much as vBulletin so wouldn't lose any sleep over it really.


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I dont like to buy any thing.
Google is best way to get any thing. Because any thing which is paid is available in google
Just need to know trick to get it :yahoo: