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Hi everyone,

As I'm forced to post something to get free VPS, I wanted to post something useful for Network Administrators, since I'm one.

I hope this info is useful for anyone.

BringYourOwnDevice networks is a serie of post to help other network administrators with my experience.

We start the implementation of this BYOD network with 14 home kind access points and 14 routers, one access point or router per classroom.

It worked fine for a couple of months, but the encountered a huge problem with the access points due to two hardware problems.

  • It only supported 11 connected devices and the manufacturer's specifications said that it support 20.
  • There was a random broadcast storm started by the access point, nothing unmanageable with a couple of them, but with 14 of them, the network got so unstable the became useless.

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The routers did a very goo job, but their power supply adapter was not too good, they overheat and slowdown the wifi network.

There were two other issues that kill that scheme, users had to register to the network every time they move to a different room, if they don't they stayed connected to the previous one slowing down the rest of the users that were in the correct room/access point.

The other issue was as is obvious, the administration of that solution was a nightmare, specially when we need to change the configuration, block or unblock someone.

We decided to abort that network scheme in 3 months and after the CEO wanted our head.

We were offered a blank signed check to buy any kind of solution and implement it within a week.

Yes, did it!!!

See you in the next post.

That's correct, no one is forcing me, I'm sorry. I'm just paying the VPS with words.

Well, yes, we did it!!!

We got two proposals, one from a huge, recognized brand, and another from a not that well known brand.

As you have noticed I don't type any brands or models in order to be as polite as I can.

The first one allow me to manage the whole network from a single console, it let me use up to 40 devices per access point, but the price for 28 access points and the controller was more than half of my budget for a year.

The other, the one we implemented and is working without any issues for 5 years now, allow me to do all that for less than the 10% of the other brand.

Now every networking device we are buying and implementing are from that brand. They make switches, routers, access points, voip phones, cctv cameras, and a lot more.

In fact their administrative consoles are been consolidated, so you can manage everything you have in your network in the same interface.

This experience allow me to implement, pretty much the same structure in another 2 companies, one in the same business line and another in a completely different one.

I can tell you brands and models in private messages if you are interested.

Have a nice day.

See you in the next post.

Sander k said:
No one is forcing you to do anything...

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That's correct, no one is forcing me, I'm sorry. I'm just paying the VPS with words.


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