Came for the free hosting, stayed for the forum

Thanks to everyone for being so friendly and helpful. This forum has been a pleasant unexpected find. Either way you look at it - the hosting is a great bonus for the forum or the forum is a great bonus for the hosting - it works.

I really appreciate the generous free hosting plan. It is giving me the opportunity to try out a lot of added functionality on my site. I've tried quite a few free hosting plans lately and I have found nothing that has compared to Gigalicious.

Thanks again for letting me be part of it.


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Well done, and apologies too. One of my New Year's resolutions. Have to post more as this is a GREAT forum. :p


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The same thing happened to me, I was actually at school in the library when I discovered this when looking for a new hosting site, I was googling around(My old host "Host-Ed" was ran by 5 year olds) and found it, when I first saw that I had to make forum posts for the hosting I was about to say "Screw this" and leave the page but then I got into a conversation on the forum! I stayed for this wonderful community. :yahoo:

Forgot to mention- Hosting is WONDERFUL as well :)


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@HR you are right. We can easily getting a free cpanel by just doing some posting job. Can also increase space and bandwith, also can get a domin without spending a little money!! It is the nicest and greatest free hosting I've ever seen.


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A very interesting concept. Sure is different! I have my site hosted by for the last 15 years. Today I asked them for access to set up a cron job. (They are advertising it.) They more or less told me to get lost and it is not included or available. :huh:

Time to look for a new home and what better way to find one than by a free ty out.

I sure hope I'll like this company and that it will turn out to be a more pleasant experience.


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I'm sure loving the forums as well, wouldn't have expected it :good:
I hope my small contribution along with the others will help too!
There's a lot of useful material, and I haven't even made it to the Knowledge Base yet, also its activity is amazing.


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Everyone seems so happy here, I think i'll stay. I don't even know of any other active web development forums anyways.


New member has an interesting free web hosting that packaged with forum and that forum does not require commitment of posting.
Hope the policy stays that way.
Infact, if the quality of forum discussion is good, people would come and stay.