Can't find where/how WordPress scripts are imported wp_head();


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Hi all I have some trouble with a Wordpress website.

I'm changing the way the scripts are loaded on the website (async vs sync) and doing some purge to useless scripts (multiple versions of jquery etc. etc.).
Some of them were loaded plain and simple on the header (<strong>header.php</strong>) and i have moved them already, some of the others are loaded with a function called <strong>wp_head();</strong>

This function loads a lot of stuff (scripts and plain text javascript) but i can't find where it is...

i read there
<a href="">How to find HTML rendered by &lt;?php wp_head(); ?&gt; in WordPress?</a>
that there are many function hooked to this one by, for instace, plugins and more but how it is possible to find them all?

Anyone can help me?